Paisley Fawn (aka Manda Tarr) is a Plush Desinger / Illustrator with a flair for bright colors, cute creatures, fiber art, and intricate designs.  Paisley has an ever growing love of restoring and painting thrifted furniture and enjoys rescuing antique machinery dating back to the early 1900’s.  She happily shares a birthday with MaryU, her 200lb steel antique 1910 Singer 27 treadle sewing machine that she uses to sew some of her collectible art toys on.  If there’s a funky, brightly colored suit coat hanging on the shelf at a thrift boutique, she takes it home, deconstructs it, and makes a whimsical plush creature out of it.  Most of her plush toys are one-of-a-kind, and all are unique.

Paisley has recently relocated to the Chicagoland suburbs in June of 2012, and is currently burning the midnight oil in the  studio preparing a new body of work, mainly cute bizarre funky creatures!  Be sure to check back soon to see more unique and sickeningly cute plush!

“In these uncertain days, I like to bring a bit of happiness and cheer to the world in everything that I do.  If I can take something old and make it new again, then I’m having a good day.  I thank God everyday that he has gifted to me this talent to work with!”

Originally from Newark, Illinois, Paisley migrated to Florida in 2005 where she graduated from the Ringling College of Art + Design with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Illustration.  In the near future, Paisley and husband Hatch Tarr look forward to traveling the seven seas and experiencing art all over the world.

Paisley is currently accepting freelance work and projects.
To contact her regarding a project or employment send an email to:


Random Facts:

♥ Loves Sea Life ♥

♥ Enjoys Adventurous Bike Exploring ♥

♥ “Thrifting is NOT a hobby, it’s a lifestyle!” -Paisley ♥

♥ Has a Strange Love of Antique Machinery ♥