Plush Creations


Rusty Red Panda Smudges

These hand stitched adorably cuddly rusty red panda smudges were recently spotted running amok outside the studio! They’ve gotten loose and won’t come back until adopted by their forever family. They love exploring, sharing Smudge secrets, and sweet corn! All are hand-crafted from felt and fleece, and sport cute button eyes, and hand-stitched ears, tail, […]



What’s A Smudge??? Smudges are itty bitty artistic muses that love to hang out wherever humans are. At this very moment, there is a smudge within feet of this magazine hidden so well that nobody knows it’s there. Smudges are magical creatures, surviving solely on minuscule morsels of pocket lint and cobwebs. When adopted by […]


Cute Fox Plush

 These adorable fox plush are lovingly created out of soft red and white fleece, and feature shiny black safety eyes and noses.  Their faces and tails sport fancy hand-embroidered details in varying colors of embroidery floss.  These little guys (and gals!) are stuffed with fabric scraps and fluffy fiber-fill.  All are 100% hand crafted in […]



The Quazi-Pods are an elusive breed of plant/insect creatures.  As their name suggests, the Quazipods have twisted uneven bodies seemingly stitched together from several different creatures.  While some specimens of the breed may look frightening, the Quazi-Pods are a very friendly group of creatures.  Quazi-Pods are hatched from eggs at birth, and the probability of […]


Tooth Fairy Pillows

  What better way to send a letter to the tooth fairy than with this cute tooth pillow! This soft plush throw pillow features cute safety eyes, dainty yellow stars, and even has a tiny pocket on the front just the right size for a tooth. On the back is a larger pocket perfect for […]


Vintage Teddy Bear Smudge

If you go out in the woods today…You’re sure of a big surprise…If you go out in the woods today….You’d better go in disguise…. Because today’s the day the Teddy Bear Smudges have their picnic!  These Quirky little guys are soft and friendly and looking for new homes.  Each one is a little bit different, […]



It’s everyone’s favorite super hero’s all mashed up into one cute little creature!  These little guys are from a limited edition series of about 25 plush Wolver-Bats.  Always on the run and on the look-out for damsels in distress and naughty crime breakers, the wolver-bats are quick-moving and elusive.  Their long bendy legs and dark […]


Mole Rat Cupcake Monster

This whimsically styled Mole Rat Cupcake Monster plush pillow is the perfect addition to any indie styled room or home. Crafted out of polar fleece and soft cotton, this little guy makes a lovely decoration or snuggle buddy. He features hand sewn & embroidered details and a securely sewn safety eye to prevent little ones […]