International Red Panda Day

September 15th is International Red Panda Day.  In an effort to help raise money for Red Panda research and conservation, I will be donating $5.00 to the Red Panda Network for every Rusty Red Panda Smudge sold online for the ENTIRE MONTH of September. Each member of the Rusty Red Panda Smudge Collection is a hand crafted piece of original art.  Each and every one has a personality of it’s own and no two are exactly alike!  For Info on ordering a Rusty Red Panda  Smudge visit my shop here:


photo is copyright The Red Panda Network

The Red Panda Network saves wild red pandas and preserves their habitat through the empowerment of local communities by adaptive community-based research, education, and carbon mitigation.

For example, in eastern Nepal, based on our initial consultations with the local villagers, we created the world’s first community-based monitoring of a red panda population called Project Punde Kundo. In this program we have employed 37 local villagers to monitor their community forests and educate their community forest users about red panda and asked them what they needed in order to preserve their forests. With our other non-profit partners we then support the management and creation of community-based organizations that fulfill these needs. To date we have also supported medicinal plant growing, livestock management and improved breeds and reforestation efforts. Our long-term goal is for community capacity to be reached and community-based organizations to be self-managed without requiring our assistance.
We think that conducting forestry carbon projects are a way of reaching this goal. Through a forestry carbon project, we will turn the forests into an asset that will ensure protection of the whole PIT corridor, or 25% of the Nepalese red panda population, for 20 to 30 years. Thus, we can protect red panda, empower impoverished villagers in eastern Nepal and fight global warming.
In order to conduct our work, 80% of your donations go directly to managing these activities and support our conservation efforts around the world. The other 20% has been used to support our administrative costs in the United States and Nepal. We thank you for your support in enabling us to make a difference for red panda and local communities.

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