What’s A Smudge???

Smudges are itty bitty artistic muses that love to hang out wherever humans are. At this very moment, there is a smudge within feet of this magazine hidden so well that nobody knows it’s there. Smudges are magical creatures, surviving solely on minuscule morsels of pocket lint and cobwebs. When adopted by humans, they often sit near by on computer desks, book shelves, bedside tables, in automobiles, and even school lockers! Since smudges are docile creatures, they get along very well in the human world. They come in many different varieties, colors and breeds. The standard smudge is only 2.5 inches tall and 3 inches long, however tiny 1 inch mini-smudges and large 3 foot tall breeds have been seen in the wild! The most well known smudge breeds are; The Classic Smudge, which features bright colors and floral/paisley designs; The Bunny Smudge, which is a fluffy little white creature similar to the rabbits humans often see hopping about in their yards; and the Stars N Stripes Smudge, which some people believe inspired Betsy Ross when she was designing the 13-star American Flag. The Stars N Stripes Smudge is recognizable by a burlap upper body, and a tummy with red stripes and blue stars.

Next time it feels like there’s a little being in the room, take a look under the throw pillows and behind the computer….. surely enough a smudge will be there!

Above: Limited Edition Mid-Sized Teddy Bear Smudge.

This smudge is made from faux bear fur and a thrifted wool crocheted afghan that has been felted in the washing machine. Limited to only 25 plush figures! Several still available. Please enquire via email:




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