Stitch Rock 2011: Delray Beach, FL

Last month the hubby and I had the pleasure of being invited to have a booth at the 5th Annual Stitch Rock Indie Craft Fair in Delray Beach, Florida.  It was a great experience!  Never have I met so many kind fellow artists under one roof.  I hope to do this show again next year if we are still in the area.  Below are the photos from my display.  I wish that we had had more time to take more photos of the whole show, but we were having camera glitches and the show was REALLY BUSY!  Thank you to everyone who stopped by my table and said hello or adopted one of my plush creatures or prints.  You guys Rock!  And to the vendor outside who was selling Vegan Dogs, those were the best!  It was really convenient because Hatch and I had newly become vegans. <3

Thank you everyone who came to the show… cannot wait for next year!

We were in such a hurry to get to Delray that there was no time to do price tags and sign prints before the show….. so here I am hiding behind the table AT THE SHOW on the floor getting ready for customers!

Blue Naked Mole Rat Plush Buddies + Several leftover Wolver Bats from the Miami Wizard Convention back in February.

Tooth Fairy Pillows!  There is a pocket on the front for a tooth, and a larger pocket on the back with a place for the Tooth Fairy to leave a note.  They are made out of polar fleece and soft flannel.

An assortment of Smudges!

This nice woman adopted my very last Bunny Smudge… Remember! No food after midnight for this little guy!

A Litter of Tiger Smudges in the middle

(now in my etsy store: )

My right hand man, shop assistant, and husband Hatch!  Thanks honey, I couldn’t do any of this without you!

I REALLY like these little guys. They are so much fun to sew!

(available here: )

Here’s a small taste of the atmosphere at Stitch Rock (taken from my booth looking out)

Relaxing towards the end of the show :)

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