Vintage Teddy Bear Smudge

If you go out in the woods today…You’re sure of a big surprise…If you go out in the woods today….You’d better go in disguise…. Because today’s the day the Teddy Bear Smudges have their picnic!  These Quirky little guys are soft and friendly and looking for new homes.  Each one is a little bit different, and ALL are unique and 100% hand-crafted in the USA by plush artist Paisley Fawn.  This series is limited to only 25 pieces, as the tummy is made from a vintage crocheted wool afghan that has been carefully felted in the washing machine.  The teddy bear smudges are about 5 1/2 inches tall and 9 inches long….. much larger than their tiny 2 1/2 inch tall colorful smudge cousins! 

To order a limited edition Vintage Teddy Bear Smudge send an email to:    
COST: $65 + applicable tax and shipping









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