It’s everyone’s favorite super hero’s all mashed up into one cute little creature!  These little guys are from a limited edition series of about 25 plush Wolver-Bats.  Always on the run and on the look-out for damsels in distress and naughty crime breakers, the wolver-bats are quick-moving and elusive.  Their long bendy legs and dark mysterious masks make them the perfect crime stoppers.  Wolver-Bats are constructed from soft ec0-felt, a vintage (and thoroughly washed!) set of up-cycled batman curtains, pose-able wire, and little button eyes.  Warning to new Wolver-Bat parents:  They like to be on the watch and keep an eye on the house.  If yours goes missing shortly after bringing it home, have no fear! The little rascal is probably hiding behind the curtains keeping watch out the window, or up on the roof top making sure all is safe within your residence!





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